The simple task of giving knowledge can create better teachers, leaders, doctors, politicians, better humans. It can create more difference makers. This is what we're about. We are laying the foundations for a better world by providing more people with the access to an education. 

The decision to not go to school, should be just that, a decision you make. Not something that happens to you or a fate that you are bound to. An 11 year old shouldn't have to accept the fate that they will grow up to be a factory worker, farmer or manual laborer because that's all life has to offer them. If they would LOVE nothing more than to be farmer or laborer so be it. But they should have the ability to hope or dream of someday being something more if they choose to. For all we know the next great scientist, doctor, engineer, or world leader could be among those being held back by their lack of resources. 

We want to empower the children across the world to take back that choice by giving them the tools and resources they need to get an education. The change will be slow. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to change the circumstances. No one should have to choose between eating or going to school. No one should still be struggling to survive. 

The goal is not give students school supplies and backpacks, this is just a means to an end. The goal is to create a better educated, well equipped, hopeful community of humans for the future.